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Bert T. Combs
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Special Thanks to Joe Bowen of Powell County whose vision, dedication, and perseverance made these memorials to Governor Combs a reality.

We also thank KY Representative Richard Henderson for introducing House Joint Resolution 84 that allowed the placement of the Stanton statue on state property. The Bill passed unanimously in both House and Senate. Thanks to Senator Tom Jensen for bringing the bill before the Senate and for Senators Julian Carroll and Robert Stivers for speaking so eloquently in its behalf.

Another tip-of-the-hat to Floyd Clay Anderson for help, problem solving, and advice throughout the entire project.

The following list of people and organizations contributed to the Governor Bert T. Combs Memorial Statue located in Stanton, KY. Furthermore, they generously contributed the artwork valued at $35,000 so that a second statue could be built. Now, a third statue is located in the city of Manchester, KY.

These names are inscribed on a bronze plaque on the front of the rockwork display which is located directly behind the statue. Thank you.

Special Thanks to Joe Bowen of Powell County whose vision, dedication, and perseverance made these memorials to Governor Combs a reality.

Bert T. Combs


AMVETS Post 67

James F. and Betty Bloom

Joe and Barbara Bowen

Powell County Industrial Development Authority

Bill and Lois Weinberg

Whitaker Bank

Bill Sturgill

Wyatt, Tarrant & Combs, LLP


Mr. and Mrs. Floyd C. Anderson

Appalachian Heritage Alliance

Robert P. Atkinson

"Cappie" Billings

Darrell, Jennifer, and Logan Tanner Billings

Dellmus and Irene Bowen

Steven L. Bowen

Cordis Brown

Sara Walter Combs

Tim "Beanie" and Sonya Crabtree

Dutch's Chevrolet Ford Mercury

Richard L. Fain

Hinkle Construction Company

Ron Hub

John Kelly

Juanita Faye G. King

Dr. Paul and Pat Maddox

Eddie and Susan Martin

Robert McQueen

Gale and Judy Means

Jerry Miller Wood Products LLC

David and Janine Musser

Dr. Charles G. Noss

Joanne and Charlie Owen

Bud Parks

Peoples Exchange Bank of Stanton

Powell County Fiscal Court

Red River Ranch, Inc.

Rosa's Garden Center

Glenn Salyer

John and Judy Shircliffe

City of Stanton

Tanner Chrysler Products

The Walker Company

TOUR Southern and Eastern Kentucky

Watson Building Inc.

Jed Weinberg

Tomas Weinberg

Zach Weinberg

Richard and Valerie White


Tim and June Abner

Rachel D. Adkison

Allen's Hardware

Myers Arnett

Blake Adams Engineering

Shane Bowen

Bert and Robin Brumett

Caleb Crabtree

Ernest and Betty Crabtree

Delta Natural Gas Company

James Ed and Katie Dennis

Donna R. Hale

Hondo Hearne

Richard and Carol Jean Jett

Jim and Judy Potts

Joseph W. Prather and Jennie C. Prather

Salyersville Kiwanis Club

Sheryl G. Snyder

Vera C. Stamper

Dairy Queen of Stanton

Jeff Stiles

Carl Wells

Lillian D. Williams

To Each and Every Contributor, THANK YOU!!