Preparing the Site
Bert T. Combs
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preparing the Site

Before. Hmm. Needs a lot of work.

preparing the site                      preparing the site

Joe and Kyle pour the pedestal. Billy Curtis, a big-time concrete professional with the Baesler Corporation, arrives and says, "You guys need any help?" Thanks, Billy!

preparing the site             preparing the site

The concrete pour

Richard Henderson

This is Kentucky State Representative Richard Henderson. When he ran for office he said he would work for the people in his district. Turns out, he is true to his word and actually knows what the the word "work" really means. Richard also wrote House-Senate Resolution 84 that allowed the statue placement at this site. Thanks, Richard!

preparing the site                   preparing the site

Richard and Billy finishing the sidewalk. Bill Centers doing the rockwork.

preparing the site

Stanton Mayor Dale Allen smoothing things out. Jeffersonville Mayor, Anthony Henderson, also put in a full day doing concrete work.

preparing the site

Here in the mountains, you do what you can, when you can.

preparing the site            preparing the site

Joe rallies the troops, "It's looking good, folks."

preparing the site.

Delbert Brown and the crew from Rosa's went way beyond the call of duty-and what they originally pledged. Thank you, Rosa's Garden Center.

Debbie Barns, from Lexington, sent a large donation of landscaping plants. Thank you, Debbie.

statues arrive.      statues arrive.

Artist Raymond Graff arrives with statues. The second goes to Prestonsburg where you may see it at the courthouse. Well done, Raymond!

supporting Gov. Combs.

Another Bert T. Combs supporter

preparing the site.          preparing the site.

Setting the statue and preparing the plaques.

A special "Thanks" to all who worked to prepare the site:

Joe and Barbara Bowen, Artist Raymond Graff, Representative Richard Henderson and his crew, Mayor Dale Alen, Mayor Anthony Henderson, Delbert Brown and the crew from Rosa's, David and Janine Musser, Billy Curtis, Bill Centers, Debbie Barns, Ross, Kyle, and Shelby Foy, and Avery Lowe.