Dedication at Prestonsburg, KY
Bert T. Combs
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This statue was a project by the people of Prestonsburg, KY. The Appalachian Heritage Alliance was involved only as one of the sponsors who donated the artwork and molds from the first statue. We offer this page as a show of support.

Two identical statues honoring Governor Bert T. Combs were dedicated on April 20, 2007. Following are pictures from the ceremony in Prestonsburg, KY.

Bert Combs.

Floyd County Courthouse

Lois Combs Weinberg         Mr. Fontain Banks

Lois Combs Weinberg                   Mr. Fontaine Banks, Chief of Staff

At Prestonsburg.                        At Prestonsburg

Chief Judge Sara Combs, Bill James                                   Tommy Combs, Lois

The Unveiling at Prestonsburg

At Prestonsburg.

At Prestonsburg     At Prestonsburg.

At Prestonsburg.      At Prestonsburg.