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Giant Puppet Nativity Scene

Nativity puppets 2010. 

The Giant Puppet Nativity Project continues. Joseph, Mary, and the baby Jesus were added in 2010. The Three Wise Men were created in 2009.

Three Wise Men.  Mary and Joseph. 
Puppet.  Puppet and crowd. 
Angels.  Angels. 
Some of the singers  Mary and Joseph 

The Crowd

Crowd.  Spectators 
Watcher.  Another watcher. 

Puppet Master, sculptor, visionary: Russ Miller
Tailors: Carole Dunhuber, Nan Boone, Jeannette Jennings, Janine Musser, Rene Powell, Michelle Jessup, Kim Feeman
Puppeteers: Sam Dunn, Russ Miller, David Musser, Fred Ostrem, Eddie Rose
Float: John Halsey

In the Shop

In the shop.  In the shop. 
 Costumes. A few of the tailors. 

Tribute to Local Musicians

Darley Fulks and Bob Kash

Fiddler. Puppets.
Puppet. Puppet.
Puppet. Puppet.