What It's Not
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What the Monument is Not

Not a high-energy entertainment Theme Park. It is, however, a Magnet Attraction for the entire region.

Not a Final Destination. Its function is introduce and educate visitors to and about Eastern Kentucky and then send them on to other places in the region.  A typical stay at the Monument would be two to four hours.

Not a Rest Stop.

Not a "Tourist Trap." The Monument's primarily function is not to separate visitors from their money. The Monument will direct visitors to many places in Eastern Kentucky where they will gladly spend their money. The Monument is, in essence, our gift to the visitors.

Not too big.

Not too small.

Not the Crown of Appalachian Kentucky. It is a jewel in the crown.

Not the Market Brand for the region. Southern and Eastern Kentucky Tourism and Development Association (SEKTDA) is developing regional marketing recognition and cohesiveness symbols. Also, the State of Kentucky, through "Adventure Tourism" is addressing brand identification. The Monument will, however, be the International Logo that will draw tourists to the region from around the world.