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The Eastern Kentucky Heritage Monument is an Economic Development project that will benefit all of Eastern Kentucky. It is our International Logo. It is the image that will identify our region in the minds of people throughout the world.

With the Monument, we are staking the claim that Eastern Kentucky represents the heart and soul of Appalachia. This is a major marketing statement. Portions of other states could justifiably make this claim. But no one has. It needs to be us.

The economic development of Eastern Kentucky must be viewed as a region-wide effort. The Monument's world-class wind harp sculpture is the “hook” to get visitors from across the state, nation, and world to our mountains. Once here, the function of the Monument shifts to dispersing the visitors across the region.

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A primary function of the Information-Celebration Center at the Monument is to show visitors the many attractions available throughout Appalachian Kentucky. It is a marketing tool for the entire region.

The Monument is not an “end destination” attraction. It is a staging ground for a trip across the region.

“One of the aspects of this project that I particularly like is its broad impact. The area is already well-organized from a regional perspective. Creating an internationally known anchor destination like the Monument will truly benefit many communities. It is not a parochial project designed to only help local businesses and politicians. Its impact will help all of Eastern Kentucky and Appalachia.” - John Whiteman, Whiteman Consulting LTD, Boulder, Colorado

"The Eastern Kentucky Heritage Monument is one economic development project that is definitely NOT moving to Mexico or Asia."
-Richard T. Jennings

The Monument meets the criteria for Rural Economic Development strategies developed by the economic development experts.

a) Entrepreneurial focused: will require the formation new businesses to meet the demands of greatly increased numbers of visitors to the region.

b) Asset based: showcases regional strengths.

c) Collaborative: a regional approach based on shared values

d) Comprehensive and integrated: regional, coordinated, economic development

e) Community based-Regionally focused

f) Sustainable over time

g) Creative, Visionary, "outside-the-box" thinking

h) Strongly supported by results of professional Feasibility Study

The Eastern Kentucky Heritage Monument is an economic development project that will, according to the Feasibility Study (Certec, Inc), have a major impact on the area by:

Generating over $63.2 Million for the Kentucky economy

Generate over 1,300 jobs

Draw over 700,000 visitors per year

Be a major landmark, a Magnet Attraction, for Eastern Kentucky

Generate over $6.5 Million in State tax revenues

Very positive impact on image of Eastern Kentucky

World’s largest wind harp and internationally renowned sculpture will bring world attention to the culture and heritage of Appalachian Kentucky

It would be fiscally irresponsible not to build the Eastern Kentucky Heritage Monument.