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Completed Projects






Economic Impact / Feasibility Study

Certec, Inc., Lexington, KY

SEKTDA / Mt. Parkway Trails



Marketing Study

Certec, Inc. Lexington, KY

SEKTDA / Mt. Parkway Trails



Architectural Renderings

John L. Carman and Associates Lexington, KY

SEKTDA / Mt. Parkway Trails



Preliminary Site Study / Evaluation

John L. Carman and Associates Lexington, KY

SEKTDA / Mt. Parkway Trails



Three Dimensional Rendering

Sam McKinney Art, Elliotsville, KY

Appalachian Heritage Alliance / SEKTDA / Mt. Parkway Trails




Wolfe County Fiscal Court

KY ARC /  Governor's Office of Local Development



Informational Brochure

Cable and Cable, Louisville, KY

SEKTDA / Mt. Parkway Trails


Total     $90,500

Pledges for the Land Fund

Due to the current economic conditions the Eastern Kentucky Heritage Monument is in a holding pattern, waiting for the economy to improve. None of the pledges from government agencies or individuals (approximately $230,000) was collected because sufficient funds to reach the purchase price of the land was not reached. Individual cash contributors have been offered the return of their donation. We will continue to work on the project and renew fundraising efforts when the economic climate improves.

Project Sponsors

Mountain Parkway Trails Corridor / Southern and Eastern Kentucky Tourism Development Association (SEKTDA)

The Mountain Parkway Trails Corridor includes Estill, Lee, Magoffin, Powell, Owsley, and Wolfe Counties. SEKTDA is a division of the Center for Rural Development, Somerset, KY.

Appalachian Heritage Alliance, Campton, KY

KY Appalachian Regional Commission / Governor's Office for Local Development, Frankfort, KY

In-Kind Support / Volunteers






Appalachian Heritage Alliance

24 mos., 20 hr/wk staff time @$10hr



Appalachian Heritage Alliance

24 mos. office space, rent, utilities, office supplies @ $350 month



Appalachian Heritage Alliance

20 mos. office supplies, support @ $150 month



David Musser: Volunteer 

68 mos., 20 hr/wk, Project Director, Webmaster, Design



Sam McKinney: Volunteer

Lead Artist, Graphics, research, Design



Professor Henry Gurr: Volunteer

Aeolian Harp Consultant, research, Design



Mt. Parkways Trails Corridor

Project development, 10hr mo.



Wolfe County Monument Advisory Board

Project Development, 10 hr mo.