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Appalachian Music

Local and regional musicians performed Bluegrass, Traditional Old Time, Native American, Folk, Gospel, Country and Rock music. Also, musicians from around the country who play Appalachian style music came here to play. Many of the bands listed below played on several occasions. Items with an (*) indicate a school and a community performance.

Roland Dunn and East KY Mountain Boys        Seven Pounds of Bluegrass

Roland Dunn and the East Kentucky Boys Seven Pounds of Bluegrass
Jim and Leslie Cable New Coon Creek Girls
Reel World String Band* Glen Duff's High Falls Jamboree
Homer Ledford and Cabin Creek Gospelway Singers
J.P. Fraley Swift Creek
Zoe Speaks* Carrie Norris
Lee Allen Band Randy Wilson*
Blue Dawg Band Kiya Heartwood*
Wishing Chair* Stealing Horses*
Duck Baker and Molly Andrews Ethel Caffie-Austin*
Richard Jett's Town and Country Sam Peck and Back Porch Pickers
Sam Wilson Band Lennie Center Band
Homeplace Natural High
Erica Chambers and James Overbee Dean Osborne and Eastbound
Jim Webb* John and Jane Harrod*
Mitch Barrett* Midnight Mockingbirds
Faded Clyde Davenport and Bobby Fulcher
Bruce Molsky Dirk Powell
Rafe Stephannini Trough Sloppers
James Leva and Carol Elizabeth Jones Brad Leftwitch
Michael Jonathon* Gospel Crossroads
Tom Bledsoe and Joy Deleia* Rich Kirby
Pow Wow Dancer - Jeff Hatmaker* Sue Massek*
Carla Gover  

Music from Outside the Region


Musicians from Spain, Mexico, Russia, Nigeria, Canada, first generation Americans from several Middle Eastern Countries, and musicians from across the country have played in our community.

Russian Singers and Dancers*
Three groups. Twenty-one artists.
Ballet Espanol*
On two occasions.
Samyira Shabaz Zambia Nakumba
River City Drum Corps*
From Louisville. Nine performances.
Basin Brothers Cajun Band
Ajamu Matima*
African Drumming
Catherine Anderson - Harpist
Ben Griffith - Accordian Christine Balfa - Cajun Music
Salaam - Music from the Middle East* Bruce Lewis - Jazz
Omope Daboiku
Nigerian music.
Bobby Bridger
Music and stories from the Wild West

Kentucky Humanities Speaker Bureau

and AHA Lecture Series

Loyal Jones
Appalachian History and Values
Bill Evans
History of the Banjo
Roberta Bird
Shaker Songs
Diane Watkins
on Janice Holt Giles
James C. Klotter
Is Kentucky Southern?
Lynwood Montell
Kentucky Ghosts
Gwen Henderson
Kentucky Indians
David Dick
A Popular Biography
Ernie Tucker
Appalachian Homespun Humor
Richard T. Jennings
Growing Orchids
Martin Douthitt
Climbing Mt. Vinson in Antartica
Josh Bils
Solar Energy

Kentucky Humanities "Chautauqua" Series

Lilly Mae Ledford
portrayed by Sandy Harmon
Simon Kenton
portrayed by Mel Hankla
John C. C. Mayo
portrayed by David Hurt
John Breckinridge
portrayed by Duane Murner
Mary Breckinridge
portrayed by Carol Crow
Jesse Stewart
portrayed by James Lowe

Other Community Performances

Community Performances primarily related to school events, and there were a lot of them, are listed on the Arts and Education page.

Author James Still: "River of Earth," a reading with Randy Wilson

Poetry Readings - Local and Regional Poets

A Victorian Christmas with Harolyn Sharpe

Festival of the Bluegrass - 150 elementary students from six schools perform traditional Appalachian music on-stage in front of several thousand Bluegrass music fans. All guitars, dulcimers, hammered dulcimers made by artist-in-residence, David Musser, who taught the students to play.

a tribute to local musicians

WCAA Float: A Tribute to Local Musicians

Marc Daniels - Juggler

Music Jubilee- Oral Histories from the Region

Works Project Administration / Civilian Conservation Corps: Community Remembrance

First Lillie May Ledford Festival, Gladie, KY (with US Forrest Service)

Elder Arts, Louisville - with Chris Doerflinger. Performance for Nursing Home.

Groundhog Dance w/Richard Jett (annually for three years)

Lunch Concert at the Courthouse w/Randy Wilson

Storytelling at the Projects w/Angie DeBord

Gurney Norman reading from his book "Kinfolks"

Appalshop Roadside Theater

Wolfe County Master Musicians Award

Re-enactment of Robert F. Kennedy tour of Eastern Kentucky

RFK in EKY: Reenactment of Robert Kennedy's historic visit to Eastern Kentucky. Photo from church in Vortex, Wolfe County. (w/Appalshop)

"Coffee, Tea, and Poetry," with Becky Bailey

World Servants Carnival - community service

Appalachian Day at Lexington Public Library: Local artists perform (for two years)


Community Retreats include Arts, Mission, and Organizational retreats. Most were held at Hazel Green Academy during our time operating the Life Long Learning.

Gurney Norman Writer's Retreat: twelve years of retreats. Multi-state participation.

George Ella Lyon and Anne Shelby Writers Retreat.

Kentucky Writer's Day with Rebecca Bailey

Writer's Retreat with Kentucky Poet Laureate Richard Taylor

Anne Shelby Writer's Retreat

Crystal Wilkinson Writer's Retreat

Writer's Retreat with Leatha Kendrick

Appalachian Circuit Writers Retreats: Five retreats with five prominent KY authors. Please see the Appalachian Circuit Writers web page for more information.

Spiritual Retreat with Father Ralph Beiting

Impact Missions Religious Retreats. Numerous week-long retreats. Participants helped low-income people with house repairs. (8)

Jeff Chapman-Crane Oil Painting Retreat

Stained Glass Retreat                          Stained Glass Retreat

Stained Glass retreat with Maria Lainhart

Traditional Dance Weekend with Gene Boyer

Contra Dance Weekend

Appalachian Women's Alliance

Alternate Roots Retreat

World Servants. Week long Spiritual retreats for students for community service. (15)

Berea College Education Major's Retreat

Berea College Upward Bound- Appalachian Arts (for two years)

Women's Wellness Weekends

Camp Create            Camp Create

Camp Create. Week-long summer art's camp for children. (three years)

Hazel Green Academy Alumni Homecoming - annual event

Michigan Methodists Volunteers- Spiritual retreat with community service (two weeks)


Ballet class                      Ballet Class

We are particularly proud of our ballet class. Our Instructor, Adahli Aranda, was the Director of the Kentucky Ballet Theater in Lexington, KY. We were extremely fortunate to get an instructor of this high caliber. If you took your child to ballet lessons in Lexington, your child would receive instruction from one of Adahli’s assistants rather than Adahli herself. Our Ballet Classes were among the best ballet instructions available in the entire state.

We had three age divisions and the classes lasted for two years.

Workshops and Classes - the Arts

 Sam McKinney Sculpture Class                      Stained Glass Class

Fiddle and Mandolin with Don Rigsby Sam McKinney - Clay Sculpting
Quilting Workshops -
Stained Glass Workshops I,II,III
with Maria Lainhart
Christmas Wreath Making
with Tom and Jeannette Jennings
Drawing with Debbie Horton Children's Art with Tom Dant
Knitting with Rene Powell Egg Painting with Rene Powell
Drawing with Chris Nolin Pottery with Sandra McGuire
Watercolors with Catherine Wells Theater Games for Children
with Brannin Musser
with Alice and Betty
Song Writing
with Kiya Heartwood
Creative Writing with Becky Bailey Drawing with Ava Risner
Basket Making - Round Bottom
with Janine Musser
Basket Making - Egg Basket
with Janine Musser
Dream Makers with Pearl Morris Hazel Green Writers Workshop
Candle Making with Pam Meade Fiddle with Jamie Wells
Fiddle with Greg Moore Children's Music with David Musser
Dulcimer with David Musser Children's Art with Kaye Birchfield
Watercolors with Marlene Strong Photography with Joe Boone
Stone Carving with Fred Ostrem Jewelry Making with Susan Tipton
Paper Marbling and Bookmaking
with Clara Keyes
Old Time Banjo with David Musser
Basket Making Saturday Sessions "Mommy and Me Pottery"
with Sandra McGuire
Pottery with Janell Osbourne Christmas Ornament Making
Pickin' Place
music jam
Jewelry Making Saturday Sessions
Storytelling Workshop with
Tamara Coffey and Kaye Birchfield
Painting with Al Cornett

Workshops and Classes - Other

table tennis

Preventing Domestic Violence
Appalshop and others
Safety Workshop
Adult Ed/Family Literacy Program
Living History Gathering
at the Jot 'em Down
Early Childhood Workshop
CAP employees
Wise Village Workshop CAP Safety Class
Table Tennis with Byron Risner Organic Gardners

Health Projects

Healthy H' Art: series of arts and movement workshops

Coping with Change through Creativity: addressing women's health issues through arts.

Aerobics Class

Movement with Dale Gutman

Creative Movement with Dale Gutman

Yoga with Rene Powell

Exercise with Kathi May

Helped bring the Eastern Kentucky Mobile Health Clinic to Hazel Green